Stretch for a chimney on the roof. Rules for placing a chimney on the roof
Date of publication: February 12, 2020 The chimney is the most important part of the heating system in a country house,
how to clean soot from a stove
Bath stoves “Varvara”: features of different models and installation tips
Owners of private estates, cottages, and country houses sooner or later begin to build the walls of their own bathhouse.
Installation of the Geyser 2014 stove in a bathhouse with a firebox from the dressing room
If you want to get the maximum effect from using a sauna stove, pay attention to manufacturers located in
Gas stoves: where they fit, homemade moments, choice, evolution
Author: Yuri Fedorovich Kolesnikov, thermal power engineer The gas furnace is currently of particular interest. Straightaway
Do-it-yourself sauna stove: types of structures and manufacturing materials, technology and stages of work + do-it-yourself construction instructions
Homemade sauna stoves, used when arranging a bath complex, allow you to take into account the wishes and
Laying firewood in a pyrolysis oven
How to choose a long-burning stove for heating a house or bathhouse
Long-burning stoves have become increasingly popular in recent years. The operating principle of these devices
Stoves for baths and residential premises: main differences
To classify stoves, you can use different criteria: type of design, dimensions and shape, material of manufacture,
Pros and cons of the Troika sauna stove: structural differences from other types of heaters
Regular visits to the sauna are a great way to relax, support your immune system and improve your overall health.
Main types of heat exchangers in a furnace and its installation methods
Despite the widespread use of modern heating boilers, traditional stoves do not lose their relevance. However, their
Chimneys for sauna gas stoves: selection of material, installation and operating features
We are setting up a bathhouse: features of chimneys During the combustion of fuel, smoke and carbon monoxide are released, which
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