photo How to fix a floorboard: a nail or a self-tapping screw?
Self-tapping screws for floorboards: which screws are best suited for fixing, requirements for installation and for the base
“Wings, legs, most importantly – the tail!” (from the cartoon of almost the same name). Boards, laminate, parquet are
Stretch for a chimney on the roof. Rules for placing a chimney on the roof
Date of publication: February 12, 2020 The chimney is the most important part of the heating system in a country house,
How to make a heated floor in a bathhouse from bottles with your own hands and why it is necessary
Almost every owner of a summer house or private house dreams of building a bathhouse. However, it is rare
Homemade board door
How to make a door from boards with your own hands: types of doors and several detailed methods on how to make a door yourself
Some city citizens have their own country house with land, and most
how to clean soot from a stove
Bath stoves “Varvara”: features of different models and installation tips
Owners of private estates, cottages, and country houses sooner or later begin to build the walls of their own bathhouse.
Let's get acquainted with the sauna stove portal: what it is, what it is eaten with and what it is made from. Ideas, materials
Each bathhouse has a stove to heat the room. A portal is used for finishing and isolation
We choose the location of the bathhouse, based on numerous requirements
Budget sauna: how to get noticeable savings without losing comfort
For a Russian person, a bathhouse is not a luxury, but a vital necessity. Even historians are convinced
Wood burning: description of technology, master classes, drawings and design pictures for beginners
Cool pencil drawings for a bathhouse (23 photos) The bathhouse is a phenomenon of Russian culture that is so
Pros and cons, recommendations for finishing a pool with decking
If you have a summer cottage, then you will certainly want to arrange it so that
Advantages and disadvantages, technology for performing work on waterproofing the foundation with roofing felt
Technologies for the construction of foundations of buildings and structures involve the use of various materials from monolithic and prefabricated
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